About Avenue of the Giants

Three time GA Music Award winners (GMA), “Avenue of the Giants,” (AOTG) release their second album “Whisper to Lions,” world-wide, on all digital media platforms on July 14, 2017. Distributed by Empire out of San Francisco, CA the album will take pop-rock enthusiasts by storm, infusing rock & roll, funk, and pop with electronic dance music (EDM). The talented veteran artists and producers of 25 plus years have taken creativity to another level by collaborating with Tree Sound Studios out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Fazal ‘Foz” Syed, of the former RIAA Gold Certified act, (“Bartender Song/Sittin’ At A Bar”) band REHAB, brings passion and experience to the album as lead guitarist, writer, and producer. Darrick Atwater, as lead vocalist brings an earthy, yet organic spin to the second release. Atwater, whose inspirations helped to write and produce the 11-track album. “Whisper to Lions,” includes Mike Ferrell (drums) who has worked with Country Rap artist Big Smo, Tyler Sherard (bass guitar) who has gained experience with Grammy & Dove Award Winner, Rudy Currence, and Max Aden (guitarist, vocals) who is a current student at the University of Georgia in renowned music city Athens, GA.

Avenue of the Giants, musical style blends upbeat tracks that will make your energy levels soar, to lyrics about just kicking back and doing some soul-searching. The pop-rock band appeared in the Atlanta music scene in 2012, and quickly began turning heads with their tight rehearsed live performances featuring 3-4 part vocal backgrounds. Music enthusiasts will want to play the album from start to finish with no interruptions.

Avenue of the Giants originally spawned from a life experience that Foz endured while touring with his former band REHAB in California, back in 2010. Fazal “Foz” Syed overdosed on GHB, due to a spiked drink at a show in SoCal, which left him hospitalized. The tour had to continue and the next day lead him to the majestic Redwood Forest of Humboldt County, Northern California.

 Syed knew that living the party life had to change and fast. Soon after he arrived at the National Redwood Forest and took the exit for Avenue of the Giants. In that moment, Syed’s desire to clean up his life from the drugs, alcohol, and chaos had become clear. Upon returning from that tour AOTG became a reality. Soon after he became a father, a husband, and loved all the positivity that come with both. Atwater has also experienced a life of destruction prior, and prides himself on being clean and sober today.

Once back in the Peachtree state of Georgia, Foz began diving into what he knew best. Music gave him clarity and a voice on his new direction. Foz is inspired every day by how the diverse the members of AOTG are today. Every member of the group can play the guitar, the drums, or jump on the vocals at the drop of a hat, if needed. How many band members can float around in a split second, if needed? “It has really forced me to kind of like pull up my bootstraps and become better. And you know be open to new music styles and influences,” said Syed. It’s all about creativity; it’s all about fun, and keeping it fresh.

This album’s existence came full circle by the unwavering support of world renowned Tree Sound Studio. Owners Paul Diaz, Malissa “Mali” Hunter, and James Chambers extended a warm welcome to AOTG, and allowed the musical juices to flow over the development of the second release, “Whisper to Lions.” Fazal “Foz” Syed recalls the owners of Tree Sound Studio expressing the attitude “Our house is your house” and supporting the group in every stage of the process. Thank you for supporting the ATL music scene.

Exhilarate your mind with music that is influenced by artists such as the Police, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, and Michael Jackson. Avenue of the Giants has self-produced two albums since 2012, while touring across the United States, and released four critically acclaimed videos. The band is actively working and creating contemporary music all the time and produces other artists, as well in their production studio in Duluth, GA.

Avenue of the Giants is releasing through AVX Records, which is Foz, Vinny Kumar, and Tony Galvin. Empire records handles the distribution, based out of San Francisco. Access the anticipated second album release on Friday, July 14, 2017 via all digital market outlets such as Spotify, iTunes, and Spotify. Awards Recognition: Georgia Music Awards, Rock Video of the Year- “So You Would Like to Think”-2014 Georgia Music Awards, Rock Band of the Year-2015 Georgia Music Awards, Rock Video of the Year- “For the Win”-2016